Metgasco welcomes Federal Government support for NSW CSG

Metgasco welcomes the support for the development of a CSG industry in New South Wales expressed by newly appointed Federal Minister for Industry, Mr Ian Macfarlane.  It is also welcomed the expression of support from former Labor government minister Martin Ferguson.

Metgasco's Managing Director, Mr Peter Henderson, commented " The new Federal Minister is to be congratulated for highlighting the critical need to develop the CSG industry in New South Wales to address the shortage and rising price of natural gas on the eastern seaboard of Australia and making it a personal top priority.'

Mr Henderson continued "The Northern Rivers has a number of current and prospective industries that would greatly benefit from a local and competitive supply of natural gas. Coal seam gas in the Northern Rivers would provide the benefits Queensland communities are currently enjoying. Hopefully, the new Minister's focus and his work with the NSW state government will assist to create a supportive investment environment in which to achieve these outcomes."

Metgasco will be participating in the NSW government's energy security summit to be held next week.

Metgasco also welcomes Minister Macfarlane’s planned visit to Casino, providing an opportunity for the Minister to meet with local supporters. We will do all we can to facilitate this process.


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