Environmental Policy

Metgasco is committed to minimising environmental impacts from our business activities. 

We use the term ‘environment’ to encompass not only the physical environment in which we work, this also includes people, their work and the things they value.

We are committed to:

  • Where ever possible, preventing or otherwise minimising, mitigating and / or remediating any harmful effects on the environment resulting from our operations.
  • Achieving excellence in our environmental performance.
  • Promoting active partnerships within regional and local stakeholders.  These relationships should be based on mutual commitment, trust, and openness.
  • Enhancing Metgasco’s environmental awareness and performance by means of induction, consultation, hazard identification and management, incident reporting and training.
  • Rehabilitating our lease sites to pre-existing or better conditions on the completion of our activities.
  • Implement strategies to reduce and prevent pollution, manage waste effectively, use water efficiently and address relevant cultural heritage and biodiversity issues.
  • Complying with or exceeding all applicable environmental laws, statutory obligations and relevant codes of practice; and
  • Periodically reviewing and maintaining our Environmental Policy and Procedures.

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