Community Relations Policy

Metgasco Ltd (Metgasco or the Company) is committed to balancing its business needs with the needs of the communities within which the Company and its people work. Our communities include stakeholders such as landholders, neighbours, councils, local and state government authorities, goods and services providers, environmental and cultural groups, customers and others.

We believe that:

  • supporting our communities will encourage support of our business;
  • good communication is essential to good community relations; and
  • open and honest communications are essential to credibility and trust.

To deliver on our commitment, we will:

  • treat all of our stakeholders with respect;
  • accept responsibility for what we do;
  • provide effective communication with our stakeholders;
  • encourage debate on key issues to be founded on sound science and understanding;
  • invite participation by our stakeholders;
  • remember that we ourselves are members of the same communities;
  • accommodate cultures, heritage and other factors of importance to our communities;
  • host visitors to our operations;
  • set measurable community relations targets;
  • monitor our performance to seek continual improvement; and
  • periodically review and maintain this policy and any associated procedures.

The Board is committed to working with Metgasco personnel to ensure that this policy is communicated, understood, accepted and successfully implemented by all employees and contractors.

This Policy was approved by the Board on 1 March 2019.



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